Temple Garden Plant Sale

(This was in 2021... we hope to have one again soon!)   

Wednesday June 30th, 2 pm & Thursday July 1  11 am

Contact Anne Lunt: auksnest70@gmail.com 

Couldn’t get there on Saturday? Or found that you needed more plants? 

The Historical Society plant sale continues this week on Wednesday from 2 pm on and Thursday from 11 am on. At Anne Lunt’s garden. 

A good assortment of Temple-grown perennials is still available—lambs ear, day lilies, hosta, black-eyed Susans, lady’s mantle, geraniums, small white lilacs, and several kinds of ground covers. All potted plants will be 50% off. 

Also—"Buy now, plant later” is open for mature, well-established shrubs — lilacs, old-fashioned deutzia, forsythia. These will be dug in the fall and picked up then. These will be at full price. 

All proceeds benefit the Historical Society’s Priscilla Weston Capital Fund for a Temple Museum. 

Questions? Text or email Anne Lunt at 554.6394 or auksnest70@gmail.com. (No phone calls, please.) 







A unique opportunity to buy plants grown by renowned Temple gardeners! 

Peonies, day lilies, butterfly weed, iris, and hosts, plus early-spring beauties — Jacob’s ladder, Bishop’s mantle, lamb’s ears. Plants also include mature, well-established shrubs — lilacs, viburnums, quince, forsythia, deutzia. And dozens and dozens of others! 

Reservations are limited! 

Email llkbollinger@gmail.com to sign up.


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